Service Yard Window Singapore is a brand of Harvest Windows, a HDB/BCA registered company in Singapore.

We are Singapore’s #1 most engaged BTO Service Yard Window & Grilles Direct Contractor.

Our specialization in Kitchen Service Yard (BTO/Condo/EC) make us the number one choice and most trusted direct contractor by consumers and Singapore.

our Specialist services

HDB Service yard windows & Grilles

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Condominium service yard windows & Grilles

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Private Home Windows & Grilles

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our expertise

Fast response

Upon receiving your enquiry, we endeavour to respond to you within 24hours, if not within 3 business days on very busy seasons. We want to build trust and a good relationship with all our clients.

Free On-site assessment

To better understand your needs and requirements, we will meet you personally to do an on-site assessment. This is to to ensure that we fully understand your problem and to ensure that there is no miscommunication.

In addition, doing on-site measurements can help us to provide you with a more accurate quotation for the job.

fast delivery

We endeavour to give you a hassle free project experience from start to end, and once fabrication is completed we will arrange an installation date with you. Installation usually takes less than a day, fuss free.

Customer focused and service orientated

We believe that good service and relationships is the key to our business. We therefore aim to provide the best service possible to all our clients.

Quality workmanship

We believe that good workmanship and good materials produces a quality product that the user will be very happy with.

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